Hilton has a strong global commitment to sustainability. It is therefore not surprising Hilton Fiji Resort & Spa, Denarau Island partnered with Vision Energy Solutions (VES) to construct a solar PV…


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Case Studies

Seaside Symphony: Unravelling Vision Commercial’s Audio Wonder at Malamala Beach Club Fiji

Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with the prestigious Malamala Beach Club Fiji to enhance their private functions venue, restaurant, walkways, and open deck areas with top-of-the-line audio systems. Here's a glimpse into the recent project undertaken at Malamala Beach Club Fiji: Venue - Private Functions: - BOSE Speaker AMU208 and MB210WR were installed, [...]

Sonic Serenity: Jacks Corner Cafe Soar with TOA Audio

We were thrilled to collaborate with Jacks Corner Cafe to bring an immersive audio experience to their esteemed cafe. In this installation, we integrated: 6 x TOA PE-304 TWO WAY Pendant Speakers, 1 x TOA Subwoofer, and 2 x TOA F-2322CEN Ceiling Speakers, One of the standout features of this audio setup is its versatility. [...]

SABRE powered by Bose

Vision Commercial Achieves Milestone Installation of Bose Commercial System on the SABRE Vessel In a commendable feat, the dedicated technicians at Vision Commercial have successfully installed the renowned Bose Commercial System, comprising the AMU208 and MB210WR models, aboard the exquisite SABRE Vessel. Proudly gaining recognition for the exceptional audio quality we consistently deliver, Vision Commercial [...]

Transforming Rooms and Kitchens with High-End Electrical Appliances at Tamavua Terraces

Tamavua Terraces, the epitome of luxury living, has taken a giant leap into the future with an extraordinary transformation of its Living rooms and kitchens. Thanks to the innovative efforts of Vision Commercial Division, residents now experience an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience. In this blog post, we delve into how Vision Commercial Division [...]

Revolutionizing Peacekeeping: Vision Commercial Division Transforms Blackrock Camp’s Commercial Kitchen

In a remarkable display of expertise and innovation, Vision Commercial Division recently concluded an exceptional commercial kitchen project for the Fiji Military Forces peacekeepers stationed at the renowned Blackrock camp, nestled in the picturesque Namaka Nadi region. This awe-inspiring endeavor not only enhances the culinary experience for the dedicated peacekeepers but also exemplifies Vision Commercial [...]

Ashabhai adopts to renewable energy in Fiji

Renewable Energy adoption in the commercial and industrial sectors has tremendous economical and social benefits. It allows businesses to reduce operational costs, enhance energy efficiency, and motivate in compliance with sustainability goals. Renewable Energy technologies enable industry transition to Carbon Neutral production processes, mitigating environmental impacts and fostering a more sustainable economy. Our key motivation [...]

Fiji Ports Solar Installation atop Refurbished Container Office

Building more resilient infrastructure is essential to adapting to climate change. If you’re also interested in building climate-smart infrastructure for your solar po…

Renewable Energy to Promote Rural Education in Fiji

Vision Energy Solutions (VES), Fiji was contracted to design and construct custom solar systems to provide power to schools in the remote villages of Vanua Levu, Fiji Islands.

Residential Solar Systems – Pacific Harbour

For years international expatriates have been flocking to Fiji to enjoy our beautiful natural landscapes and laid-back lifestyle.